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Precision ag is about decisions. It starts with the collection & management of data, and then utilizing that data to make key in-field decisions regarding fertility and maximizing return.

Regardless of where you start, precision ag follows a cycle. From ground preparation, to field fertilization, to planting, to pest control, through to harvest… all along that cycle are key decision points that must be made.

The industry offers many products / solutions to help with those decisions, all filling a niche requirement. Few, however, help with each decision along that cycle.

I.F.A.R.M. was designed (and continues to develop) to help its customers utilize a single platform to manage data and decisions. Whether through current functions, or the means to bring in outside data, or to send data to other platforms… I.F.A.R.M. is positioning itself to best manage data from one program; to be a data & decision hub for your farm management needs.

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I.F.A.R.M. is partnered with AgIntegrated’s Onsite Enabling Technologies, allowing it to send and receive data quickly and efficiently

Coordinator Enterprise Service
The Onsite Enterprise app facilitates the movement and sharing of agronomic information for Growers and Agronomy Service Providers. The web-based desktop and mobile app as well as the Field Data Messenger desktop utility opens the door to connect Growers with their Trusted Advisors to share information more efficiently. In addition, the app moves data between your cloud storage, equipment telematics systems, and any farm management information system (FMIS) that is connected to the API. This extra layer of file storage allows for increased efficiencies and control as well as the ability to more easily use multiple FMIS’s or analytics systems. And best of all, the data is stored on your own cloud account that you manage within your white-labeled Onsite app. No doubt about it, you are in full control of your data.