Web-Based Platform: Access data anywhere via internet or mobile device.

Ease of Use: Simple interface.  Designed to save time and deliver results quickly.

Centralized Database: Store / access years of soil / yield / other data in personal profile.

Automation: Soil / Yield data automatically published to client’s account / profile.

Features: Full GIS mapping features.   Soil & yield analysis.   Yield editing.   Tools for sound agronomic decisions.

Zone or VRT Prescriptions: Controller files for every major industry spreader application provider.

Full Reporting Capabilities: Batch or Booklet reporting (all report options from one function).

Field Summary: Record all decisions in field (planting / tillage / cover crops / fertilization / pesticides / growth stages / display yield data / etc).

Protected: Data resides in client’s profile and is not accessible by anyone else.  Profile / data can be shared with anyone the client requests access.

Support: I.F.A.R.M. will provide training and support to fully utilize the program / data.  Program fully documented for tutorial / self-guided support.

Customization: Can add client’s company or farm logo / brand to profile; or customize report color scales for unique report viewing / printed outputs.

Connected: Via Onsite (AGI) I.F.A.R.M. is connected to major industry platforms (JD Op Center / Climate Field View / Raven Slingshot / etc.).


For those who feel they want to manage their data & fertility requirements, a subscription to I.F.A.R.M. is the way to go. I.F.A.R.M. offers several levels to help clients manage their precision data needs.

Subscription Levels:

Base Level: This plan is to help clients utilize I.F.A.R.M. as a data management / reporting resource. Access and use of field data can help reduce input costs and improve returns:
Data Profile Setup: Easy Setup of Growers-Farms-Fields
• Map Tab: Field GPS – Boundary Editing
• Target Sample Creation: Create Grid / Zone / Directed Sampling
• Data Viewing: View All Data Layers / Reporting
• Sample Management Tab: Soil Analysis with Yield Correlation
• Yield Editing: Edit with Limits / Filters / Corrections
• As-Applied / Planted Editing: Edit Min-Max Levels / GPS Drift
• Manual Association: Mass Yield / As-Applied Data Uploads
• Data Uploading & Exporting: Utility for All Data Uploads / Exports
• Batch & Booklet Reporting: All Reports from one Tab
• Work Order System / Order Manager: Fully Integrated WO System
• Field Record Keeping: Record All In-Field Decisions / Costs

Base + Rx Export: Includes all features of the Base Level plus the VRT tab:

  • Includes unlimited acres of controller files.
  • Rx Export: This focuses on VRT file creation using established university or land grant equation / templates; utilizing soil and / or yield data.


Base + Rx Export: Includes all features of the Base Level & Rx Export Tab, plus the Data Zone Tab:

  • Includes unlimited acres of controller files.
  • Zones: This allows datasets to be generated into flat rate zones (soil, yield, as-planted, as-applied, Veris, etc.). This includes zones by Soil Type.
  • Create flat rate zone files for numerous industry controller types and file outputs.


Base + Rx + Data Zones + Advanced Zones: Includes all features of the Base Level & Rx Export & Data Zones Tabs, plus the Advanced Zones Tab:

  • Includes unlimited acres of controller files.
  • Adv Zones: Designed for clients who utilize Zone Management practices.
  • Zone Editor & Advanced Zones Rx: Create / import custom zones, save to profile tree, edit zones, create custom recs per zone (flat rate or VRT).