Efficient development is key to any software program, but in many cases, integrating with an established industry solution is a more prudent way to increase program functionality and keep costs manageable.

AgIntegrated is I.F.A.R.M.’s exclusive software developer.  I.F.A.R.M. is also integrated with AGI’s Onsite solution; a cloud-based, mobile and desktop app that assists with the file management and communications to-and-from the field by socially connecting people.  Onsite is not intended to replace current precision ag software systems, but to complement and improve the efficiency of those solutions.


For almost a decade, AGI has been working with clients to complete visions for an array of precision ag data management products and services.  AGI is the leading company working in this space because they fully embrace consulting services.  And they provide agribusinesses and independent software vendors with out-of-the-box tools to get systems off the ground without the normal delays found with ground-up, do-it-all custom solutions.

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