I.F.A.R.M. is developed by agronomists and soil fertility specialists.  The functions included are from 10+ years of listening to our precision ag clients.  We understand users don’t have all day to sit in front of a program, so we designed the interface to be simple and straight forward; allowing the users to get in – get what they need quickly – and get on with their core business needs.

Many of the program’s functions are highlighted below.  Scroll down to get an overview of each.  Click the report icon to open the pdf file.

Data / Tree Profile

Tools Functions

Map / Boundary Tab

Data Viewer Tab

Sample Management Tab

Yield Editor

Target Sample Tab

Spread Map Tab – Rx Export

Spread Map – Zones

Spread Map – Soil Type

Advanced Zones – Editor

Advanced Zones – Rx

Booklet Report

Field Summary Report

File Manager

Data Upload-Export Tabs

Manual Association Tab

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