Ag data management has become a heightened factor in precision ag, and with all the available data the new technologies provide, the industry is seeing the value in collecting and utilizing the data to analyze field / farm performance to help reduce input costs and improve returns.

I.F.A.R.M. was designed to help its clients with this precision ag need.  With your subscription to I.F.A.R.M., our support staff assists with setting up client profiles (location-grower-farm-fields); creating fields or importing existing GPS.  For data (soil / yield / combination / other) we offer to upload up to three data sets on the initial setup.  Additional data uploads are subject to field fees.

Data Types:
– Soil
– Yield
– As-applied & As-planted
– Veris & Veris zones
– Tile Lines
– GeoTiff imagery
– 3rd party zones

Data Uploads / Processing:
Collecting and processing ag data can be a challenge.  The time and hassle of managing data are the prime contributors to bypassing the value the data can offer.  To help clients with this process, I.F.A.R.M. has created a data processing service called Data Dispatch Center.  Our service staff works with clients to help establish a process to collect, organize, edit and publish data to their I.F.A.R.M. profile for use in analysis, reporting, zone or VRT recommendations.

Benefits / Value of Program:
Time-Savings:  Clients need to consider what their time is worth and whether they can commit the required time and effort to properly manage their ag data for maximum benefit.
Simplify:  DDC can set up a system by which clients can collect and send the data to process with minimal time and effort.  DDC can also arrange to get access to growers’ online system accounts to retrieve raw field data (John Deere / Field View / other).
Cost-Savings:  Saves on the expense to invest in a precision ag resource to retrieve & compile-edit-publish the data.
Fast Results:  The “back-room” efficiencies DDC offers provides cleaned, ready-to-use data that can be utilized immediately for reporting, record-keeping, analysis, zone creation, fertilizer or seed recs, etc. 24 to 48-hour turn-around times (depending on the data type / amount received).

Call our support lines and choose option 3 to speak to a sales representative about I.F.A.R.M. / DDC / Managing Data:
815-692-8255  or  877-213-3829

Utilizing Data in I.F.A.R.M.:
Click on the images below to open fliers on the Data Dispatch Center service and examples of how to utilize data in I.F.A.R.M.

DDC Flier                                         Yield Utilization