For technical support call or email your regional sales person, or contact our tech support lines:

Direct Ph:    815-692-8255
Toll Free:     877-213-3829

Hours: 7:30 a.m.  –  5 p.m. (central std time).
Support hours may be extended in the fall harvesting season (Oct-Dec).

After Hrs: If an issue cannot wait until normal service hours the following day, email: or call 815-383-7502.

Online Support:  We can perform online video conference calls.  This is a very effective way to demonstrate the program; train users or troubleshoot program issues.  Contact us and request an online demo / training session any time.

In some instances, I.F.A.R.M. technical reps can seek permission to access the client’s computer remotely to resolve an issue or provide needed support.

Support Contacts:

• Gary Fisher:             815-383-7502 / Sales – Marketing – Product Mgt.
• Marion Shier:          815-692-8255 / Agronomy – Tech Support
• Amber Chambers:   815-692-8255 / Admin – Office
• Charity Allen:          815-692-2626 / Mapping – GIS Support


Support at Your Facility

If a customer feels they require an onsite visit for technical support, training or consultancy, contact your regional sales person or Gary Fisher to work up a plan and schedule a visit.