Phone: 1-815-692-8255 | Toll Free 1-877-213-3829




For technical support call or email your regional sales person, or contact our office at:

Direct Ph: (815)692-8255
Toll Free: (877)213-3829

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. (central std time).
Support hours may be extended in the fall harvesting season (Oct-Dec).

After Hrs: If an issue cannot wait until normal service hours the following day, email: or call (815)383-7502

Online Support: In some instances, a live online interactive computer exercise may be the best support solution.

I.F.A.R.M. technical reps will seek permission to access the client’s computer remotely to resolve an issue or provide needed support.

Support Contacts:

– Gary Fisher / 815-383-7502 / Sales-Marketing-Product Mgt.
– Amber Chambers / 815-692-8255 / Admin – Office
– Marion Shier / 815-692-8255 / Agronomy – Tech Support
– Greg Ikins / 815-692-8255 / Agronomy – Tech Support
– Charity Allen / 815-692-8255 / Mapping – GIS Support

Support at your facility

If a customer feels they require an onsite visit for technical support, training or consultancy, contact your regional sales person or Gary Fisher to work up a plan and schedule a visit.

(Labor, travel, lodging, meal expenses could apply to onsite visits.)