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I.F.A.R.M., launched in 2011, currently supports 140+ locations and continues to advance as it matures in the marketplace.  The base program is wellestablished, and current efforts are focused on development of specialty modules to allow users to utilize the program yearround… for every season.

I.F.A.R.M. is developed with AgIntegrated, a progressive software development company out of State College, PA.  AGI specializes in the creation and management of intuitive, web-based agricultural software programs and data solutions.

Questions… or interested in seeing a program demonstration? Contact I.F.A.R.M., Inc. at (815) 692-8255 or contact your regional sales person.

Web / Cloud-Based Software Solution

  • Independently owned and developed software.  We work with our customers to develop/improve the program.
  • Nothing resides on local customer computers. Program stored offsite (cloud servers).  Redundancy/backup measures in place.
  • All data resides on same platform. Pull data from one location.
  • Proprietary software. Not dependent/linked to other programs.
  • Access data / maps from any internetbased PC (anywhere).
  • Automatic updates of software. No requirements from users.

User-Friendly / Ease of Use

  • All application functions in one location. Single windows for each function.  No minimizing pages to utilize all functions.
  • Dragand-drop functionality. Fewer dropdown menus.
  • Userfriendly cascading lists for easier navigation.
  • Easytouse filters to assist with locating specific information  (by date, grower, dealer, location, analysis type, etc.).

Primary Functions

  • Data Management of different data layers (soil, yield, tissue, nitrate, nematode, asapplied, Veris, imagery).
  • Mapping functions. Create / edit boundaries.  Split fields.
  • Data Analysis (soil, yield, tissue, Veris, imagery).
  • Spread Map / controller file creation (Rx, zones, soil type).
  • Zone Management. Create / import / edit zones.  Run custom Rx applications per zone (flat or vrt).
  • Go to the Functions Page to learn more.

Time-Saving Features

  • Saved Setups:  for quick retrieval and processing of reports / controller files.
  • Booklet & Batch Reports: Query and generate multiple reports from one location.  Queue, print or email reports immediately or schedule a designated run time.
  • Work Order System. Place any type of testing service online.  Follow / manage orders via the Order Manager.  Logistically manage field service techs via interactive Dispatch module.

Integration Possibilities

  • Open, cloud-based platform allows for easy integration with other precision ag programs (API).

2017 I.F.A.R.M FLIER

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